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A primer on the Buddhist religion

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) lived and taught in India sometime between 2500 and 2700 years ago. The Buddhist religion we know today is based on his teachings and he is a revered being, although he is not a god. The basic tenets of Buddhim stress the elimination of hatred, desire, and ignorance and through those practices you can count on finding happiness in your life and helping others to find happiness.

Some Buddhist teachings are remarkably strict (and a little annoying, to be honest) but the building blocks of the religion are fascinating and fabulous because they absolutely guarantee happiness if you can manage to embrace them. The Buddha taught that desire (or craving, if you prefer) is the root of unhappiness and he’s right. If you desire nothing then you can’t be disappointed when you don’t get it or unhappy that you don’t have it. Of course, it’s impossible to desire nothing but the practice of Buddhism can help you find peace in a beautiful way.