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The Crusades were a war of religion

Holy wars and religious wars are basically as old as religion itself but the Crusades are perhaps the best known in the wide culture. They took place in the 11th, 12th, and 13 centuries (just think about how long a span of time that is and how that is in some ways utterly insane) and were aimed at reclaiming the holy sites around Jerusalem and the city itself for Christians after they had been taken over by Muslims.

The soldiers of the Crusades were given permission to commit heinous acts in the name of the Pope and so they felt entitled to murder the Muslims for their trampling on the sacred Christian ground. Surely the Muslims felt the same way in their defense and so it can be agreed that both sides were committing horrible acts in the name of faith, good or bad. Ultimately the Crusades proved unsuccessful and succeeded more in weakening the Christian countries that bordered the Muslim states.